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HACKERS and CRACKERS will be LOCATED and may get a visit from THE FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION no Code Writing no IRC and no PHRACK in FEDERAL PRISON
This is the online office of Caulfield Investigations. We are a Licensed Nationwide Detective Agency
with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. Inside you will find information,
resources and answers to basic questions about your investigative & protective needs. If you are a law
firm, insurance adjuster or a corporate risk manager, you will feel right at home. However, if you are an
individual seeking information about an investigator, in all likelihood this may be a new and unsettling
experience for you. We know that if you feel you are in need of our services, then you have taken the first
step towards regaining control of the events that brought you here. Our team of investigators have the
training and real world experience. We will work diligently to restore the sense of security and safety that
you and your family deserve. If you hire another private investigator, there is a good chance that we will be
doing your surveillance or protection detail anyway. We take great pride in the fact that some of our best
clients... are other private investigators. Thank you, Stay Safe.
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NewTimes Cover Story of August 1998 featuring Max Caulfield Private Investigator by Bob Norman CLICK TO READ THE FULL STORY AT NEWTIMES
August 6, 1998 Cover Story
from the NewTimes featuring
Max & Christine.
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to read the complete article.
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Surveillance / Executive Protection / Threat Management / Firearms Training
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Surveillance,Executive Protection,Threat Management
Licensed Detective Agency, Body Guard Services in South Florida,USA
You are being watched!
You are being watched!
MSNBC interview Max Caulfield
MSNBC Interview Christine Caulfield
MSNBC interview Max and Christine Caulfield