Caulfield Investigations
HACKERS and CRACKERS you will be LOCATED and may get a visit from the FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATION no Code Writing no IRC and no PHRACK in FEDERAL PRISON
Max Caulfield and Christine Garcia-Caulfield are partners in
business and in life.

Max, originally from Chicago, IL began his career as a Police K-9
Instructor and began working part-time as a private investigator
for a friend who had just retired from the Police Dept. and opened
a detective agency. Max then became involved with Federal Law
Enforcement which he stayed with for about two years, he then
began over two years of intensive formal training with some of
our nations top instructors in Executive Protection and
investigations, covering counter-terrorism, shooting skills,
emergency driving, interview & interrogation, defensive tactics,
street-survival, first respondent medicine, surveillance and
counter-surveillance. He then went to work as private
investigator & protection specialist full-time. Max then relocated
to Seattle, WA.

Christine,originally from Los Angeles, CA began her career in
corporate security, working for Tower Records Inc. Doing internal
theft investigations and supervising retail loss prevention. After
un-covering staggering losses, a quarter of a million dollars U.S.
within a six month period, she was promoted to an executive
position and became West Coast Security Manager for Tower
Records. She then relocated to Seattle, WA.

Christine then hired the private investigation firm Max was with in
Seattle, to handle loss prevention. After realizing that they had
much in common, Max convinced Christine to become a private
investigator. She went to work for Max's employer and worked as
an unpaid intern for over a year, while taking extensive training
courses and maintained a full time schedule. Max and Christine
have been working together ever since. In 1991 they began
Caulfield Investigations with funding coming from their first
venture, which was called "Turtle Town Paintball Park". As they
both spent every weekend playing paintball at the competitive
team level, it made sense.
Training has always been a priority for both. They were introduced
to the game of paintball by their boss, who used paintball guns to
practice live fire drills for protection details. Their paintball field
was featured in the national magazines at the time (see
PaintCheck Mar 91) and became quite popular.
After they began Caulfield Investigations, they were forced to
close the field due to the full-time challenges of the P.I. business.

Training remains a big part of Caulfield Investigations today and
they devote many hours a month to it. They both spend a great
deal of time studying skills to manage inter-personal violence.
They have worked as private investigators all over the nation
with a great deal of time spent working in Washington, Hawaii and
Nevada, as well as Michigan, California and Oregon. In 1994 they
relocated to South Florida, where they currently reside. Their
mutual hobbies include; Working Dogs (Schutzhund), Competitive
Shooting, Paintball and NHL Hockey.

Max and Christine have been featured in Books, Magazine, and
Weekly Newspaper Cover stories. They have been interviewed on
radio talk shows and television programs. They were the subjects
of an hour long program on Court TV with "Catherine Crier" called
Crime Stories. They were the Subject of a Cover Feature story in
the NewTimes and were Major Characters in the Book "Once
upon a time in Hollywood". Max was featured in the 2002 Bantam
book "WITSEC Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program"***
(by Washington Post reporter Pete Earley & Gerald Shur founder
of witsec). They have appeared in the Washington Post Magazine,
The Washington Times Insight Magazine and on ABC news and
NBC news. They have provided technical assistance to "The F.B.I.
files" on the Discovery channel. They also provided technical
expertise to the producers of the HBO film "Witness Protection".
As well as "Americas Most Wanted", "Unsolved Mysteries",
"Inside Edition" and "Hard Copy".

They have been contracted by media organizations to take news
photographs, that were deemed "to dangerous" for staff

Due to the nature of their work, Max and Christine have on
occasion inadvertently uncovered criminal activity. Sometimes
the seriousness of this activity could not be overlooked. They
have worked in an under-cover / confidential informant capacity
for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret
Service, U.S. State Department O.I.G. (Office of the Inspector
General) as well as numerous County and Municipal Police

Max and Christine are both active in their community donating
time and resources to battered women and victims of stalkers.

Max and Christine maintain a strong and on-going working
relationship with law enforcement, at the federal and local level.
Several law enforcement official's have commented that they
have "raised the bar" in private investigation standards. This
cooperation with law enforcement has given them an extensive
network of contacts thru-out the law enforcement community.

When asked what the favorite thing anyone has ever said about
them the response was:
Christine states: "We were doing a protection detail for a night
club and casino owner in Las Vegas, Max at the bottom of a
staircase and me at the top, the principal was walking around the
club and stopped to meet and talk with us, when he only noticed
Max, he inquired to his assistant, " I thought there was two of
them"? The assistant looked up at me and then back down at Max
and said to his boss; "No, there's only one of them,.it's just that
one of them is up there, and one of them is down here."

This is a small sample of what Clients, Colleagues, Peers and
other Professionals have said about Max and Christine Caulfield...

"I've known Mr. Caulfield for over 15 years and he is a highly
motivated and responsible individual. As a Special Agent to the
FBI for the last 20 years, I am most appreciative of knowing an
individual like Mr. Caulfield who is both enthusiastic and
dedicated in all of his assignments.

Supervisory Special Agent Ivan G. Harris
Organized Crime Strike Force
F.B.I. Chicago (letter dated 01/21/97)

"Caulfield is the genuine article"
"He's a hero and a menace, a protector and a predator, a valuable
friend and a very frightening enemy"

By reporter Bob Norman from his 08/06/98 feature cover story
about Max in The NewTimes "Stepping From The Shadows"*

"Together the couple would work many sensational cases, from
getting proof-in the form of some X-rated surveillance tape-of
men cheating on their wives, to finding missing children, to
protecting women from stalkers"

By author and film director Rod Lurie, from his 1995 book "Once
Upon a Time in Hollywood"**

"I have personally known Max and Christine Caulfield for several
years and have had the distinct pleasure of working with them on
a professional level. I have found them to be extremely
professional in their approach to investigative work. Their
integrity and honesty is beyond reproach"

Edward J. Peterson, Detective
Bay Harbor Islands Police Dept.(letter dated 12/16/96)

"Mr. Caulfield is extremely knowledgeable in the field of private
investigation. He proved to be beneficial to our firm, and is a
reliable and trustworthy professional. This firm would highly
recommend Mr. Caulfield to any company that would be in need of
his services.

Charles Fox Miller
Miller, Schwartz & Miller, P.A. Attorneys At Law (letter dated

"My daughter, has informed me about the amazing smoothness
with which you managed the whole, difficult business of getting
my great-granddaughter back to her mother in California. I am so
glad that there was no kicking and screaming and that you
handled it so well that she didn't even try to cut and run. My
daughter and I are sharing the expenses and we both feel that it
was worth every penny, and then some. Thank you very much"!

Katherine A. Townsend
Bellingham, WA (letter from client dated 05/07/91)

"Thank you for the very fine job that you did for us last year. We
would never have been able to recover our money without the
information provided by you and your other investigators.
I must also say that when it comes to ingenuity you people must
have written the book on the subject! You really were able to
think fast and adjust midstream to get the necessary info, and all
of the while talking face to face with the people I hired you to find
out about. Incredible! Thank you for your professional help in our

Rex Bennett
Bellevue, WA (Client letter dated 03/27/91)
Christine updates the client by phone as Max gets the evidence on tape. Photo from the NewTimes CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Christine in the NewTimes
Caulfield has gone to some of the best driving schools in the nation the same ones used by federal agents and other professional pursuers from The NewTimes feature story CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max in the NewTimes
Christine shows the nanny accused of neglect to the door Photo by Max Caulfield Private Investigator
After installing a hidden video surveillance
system in the clients residence, neglect of the
clients toddler was discovered. Because we
monitored the event in "real time" this
incident was stopped before it reached a
criminal level. After being interviewed, the
client dismissed this live in nanny. Not able to
resist Max captured this moment from the
surveillance vehicle as Christine "ejects"
the subject from the residence, suitcase and
teddy bear in hand. (01/09/92 Seattle, WA)
Christine Caulfield South Florida Private Investigator leaving a Palm Beach Police Station during routine missing person case CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max and Christine on Crime Stories with Catherine Crier Episode The Mobster Next Door Log on to Court TV com
Christine leaving a Police station in Palm
Beach County, Florida during the course of
a routine missing person investigation in the
summer of 1996.
Max Caulfield His birth certificate social security card and drivers license may say so but its all Federal Fiction the Government erased his real name back in 1985 His identity may be fake but Caulfield is the Genuine Article CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max gets the subject outside for the  interview so Christine can get a photo of him CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Book by Film Director Rod Lurie about the James Dean Murders as seen on Americas Most  Wanted and Max and Christines crucial role in the L A and Arizona Bloodbath Preview the book go to our Resources Page and Click on Federal Witness CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max and Christine on the hunt for a fugitive in Indiana CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Best book ever written about the Federal Witness Protection Program by Washington Post reporter Pete Earley and Gerald Shur Founder of the program Max and Christine are featured go to our Resources Page and Click on Federal Witness CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
In the above two photos, taken in Indiana. Max
can be seen
conducting an interview of the former boyfriend
of a subject who was wanted by Florida law
enforcement officials (not to mention her
bondsman) for flight from multiple narcotics
violations. This investigation began in Broward
County, FL
and ultimately took us to Chicago, Illinois,
then to Northwest Indiana. While in Chicago,
to question another boyfriend of the subject,
we learned that she was also being sought by
Chicago Police for alleged domestic violence
and aggravated assault. We were able to locate
this subject a short time later after receiving
assistance from the FBI. The subject told us
that she had information that the FBI would
be interested in. The information was false.
The LaPorte County, Indiana Sheriff's office
assisted us in taking the subject into custody
without incident. She was then extradited back
to Broward, County, FL to serve her time.   
Caulfield is a character found more often in movies than in real life  the WITSEC witness who was not a criminal read the whole article in the Washington Post  Magazine Go to our Resources Page and Click on Federal Witness CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max Caulfield one of just 5 percent of people in the witness protection program without a criminal history Read the article GO to our Resources Page and CLICK on Federal Witness CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Breaking Omerta the MAFIA Code of Silence Go to our Resources Page CLICK Federal Witness to Read the Article from the Washington Times Insight Magazine CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max worked with the Producers of this HBO Film to help them get it right. Go to our Resources Page and CLICK on Federal Witness for a Link to get the DVD CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Letter of recomendation from FBI Special Agent Ivan G. Harris CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE IMAGE
The subject in the above referenced case was
not a rocket scientist. Her boyfriend in
Chicago was a respected local attorney, who was
taken in by her "hard luck" story. Fortunately
for her he had a "heart of gold"...
Unfortunately for her, his best friend was a
Illinois State Prosecutor. The prosecutor was
able to corroborate everything the attorney-
boyfriend told us. At which time we contacted
FBI Chicago to request their assistance. The
story the subject told us and the Bureau, was
about alleged official corruption and other
violations of law that fall under Federal
jurisdiction. All of these allegations were false.
It was an attempt by the subject to avoid her
imminent extradition to Florida. The above two
photos were taken in Chicago, after our
meeting with the prosecutor. We remain
friends with the attorney to this day and he
visits us in Florida.    
Letter of Recomendation from Bay Harbor Islands Police CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max in Indiana just after depositing the Fugitive at the jail CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
 Letter of recomendation from Attorney Charles Fox Miller CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Christine Caulfield Private Investigator in Indiana CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Above two photos were taken outside of the
LaPorte County Jail in Indiana. After dropping
off the subject to await her extradition to
Florida, in the above referenced case. If we look
tired it's because we are. When these photos
were taken we were on our 37th hour
without sleep. This can be a strange job.
Whens Chow?
We were happy to help this client recover his money he owns a Christian Bible Store CLICK IMAGE TO READ THE LETTER
Christine has an odd sense of humor. She can
be seen in the above photo exercising it, as we
kill time waiting for the paperwork to be
completed at the jail.
Original Score Sheet for Max from the SCOTTI SCHOOL with Tony Scottis Remarks CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
"Max did an excellent job during the program, scoring very high
in every task he was asked to complete. This demonstrates a high
driving skill level. He also showed a real concern for the security
portion of the course, always giving 110%. I feel Max is well-suited
for his present position. Total score 94.75%

Anthony J. Scotti
Scotti School of Defensive Driving Executive Protection Program  
08/22/88  Medford, MA (From the instructors comments on
Student Evaluation Certificate)

"Max is a great student and fast learner, it's a pleasure to have
him in my class"

Massad F. Ayoob
Lethal Force Institute
Concord, NH (Inscription in Max's book upon completion of
course 1988)
Nationally recognized expert in the judicious use of deadly force
and author of the best seller "In the Gravest Extreme".

"We hired them to work as a team for us on an assignment that
required extensive surveillance and under-cover work. They
performed with a high degree of professionalism. They were
discreet and completed the job to our satisfaction. We would
recommend them as honest, hard-working private investigators
to any prospective clients they might have. They are
professionals who work with the latest technology to perform the
functions of their work. We appreciated their integrity and their
willingness to take and suggest some substantial risks to
complete their assignment for us.

Merv Stithem, Executive Vice President
SIMIC New Renaissance Galleries Inc.
Carmel / Beverly Hills
La Jolla / San Francisco
(letter from client dated 06/01/93)

"I have known Mr. Caulfield for approximately 3 years. I have
worked with Mr. Caulfield and found him to be very thorough and
professional in his approach to investigations. As a Special Agent
to the F.B.I, I believe Mr. Caulfield would be an asset to the U.S.
***** *** ".(agency name withheld for security reasons)

Special Agent Paul J. Russell
F.B.I. Miami Fugitive Task Force (letter dated 04/09/02)

" I have known Mr. Caulfield for approximately five years. He is a
well-trained and intuitive private investigator who has completed
numerous formal training courses tailored to law enforcement
service. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Caulfield on
a professional level and found his verbal communication and
report writing skills to be exemplary. As a federal law
enforcement officer, I would be very pleased to speak further on
Mr. Caulfield's qualifications". I can be contacted at (305)***-****

David R. Grazer
*** Miami (letter dated 04/05/02)(For security reasons agency name
and number withheld, but will be provided upon request by
qualified individuals)

"I have extensive experience dealing with criminal law issues,
being a former prosecutor, a former agent with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, and currently an attorney in private
practice. I have utilized Mr. Caulfield in various investigative
matters. I have found him to be thorough and insightful in
interviewing various witnesses in criminal cases, interviewing
suspects accused of criminal actions, and obtaining information
in various investigations. I believe Mr. Caulfield would be a great
asset to any organization that utilizes his talents and skills".

Steve Rossi Esq.
Board Certified Criminal Trial Law
Law Office of Braverman & Rossi
(letter dated 02/02/02)

The defendant was found guilty of Arson 1st degree, Aggravated
Stalking, Residential Burglary. "Thanks again for your help. Your
testimony was invaluable".

Jim Marner
Assistant State Attorney
King County Prosecutor's Office (letter dated 12/04/92)

"To Uncle Max & Friends, Thank you for giving me back to my

Diana Weber & Shirley DeFreez (Inscription on photo of Kimberly
Weber, age 3. 06/07/89) Victim of Non-custodial parental
abduction. (Recovered with much assistance from Detective
Dave Barnard, King County, WA Police Department)

"I have known Max Caulfield for approximately 4 years, during
this time I have come to know Max and his family. I consider him
not only a friend, but an asset to our community.
Max recently volunteered his time to assist me, as I am the victim
of a stalker. Max has not only offered me personal protection, he
has also been emotionally supportive. Max has helped others
less fortunate in our community as well. Responsible, honest,
trustworthy and reliable are just a few adjectives to describe him.

Shari, M.****
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(Client letter dated 11/13/96 Last name withheld)

"In April of 1996, a man began aggressively stalking his estranged
wife. She looked to the courts for protection and obtained an
injunction for protection against domestic violence. This failed to
shield her, so the police launched an investigation which led to
the issuance of a warrant for the husband's arrest and the
charges of aggravated stalking. By now, the crimes committed
had crossed several jurisdictional lines, making the investigation
more complex.

Mr. Caulfield became the link which connected the respective law
enforcement agencies. He surveilled the victim, provided her
with personal protection and moved her to a safe-house once he
learned that the stalker had once again managed to uncover her
place of residence. Mr. Caulfield then notified the City of Fort
Lauderdale Police Department's domestic "Threat Abatement
Group", and the individual was taken into custody without

Mr. Caulfield's commitment and professionalism had a significant
impact in resolving this matter, and I thank him for his assistance
in bringing successful closure to this investigation".

Larry L. Massey Jr.
Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Division
City of Plantation Police Dept.(letter dated 11/22/96)


Washington Post Magazine
"Meet Joe Dogs and other beneficiaries of the federal witness
protection program". By Pete Earley is available at:

Washington Times Insight Magazine "Breaking Omert`a" by
Timothy W. Maier is available

* "Stepping From The Shadows" by Bob Norman is available at

** "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" by Rod Lurie is available at

2002 Bantam book "WITSEC Inside the Federal Witness Protection
Program" by Pete Early & Gerald Shur is available

****Shari, M. No longer goes by this name and no longer lives in
Somethings wrong this was too easy !
Letter of Recomendation from Attorney Rose Robbins CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
We never get to park here! Christine is
standing next to our truck, parked in the
"Police Only" space outside the LaPorte, Co.
Sheriff's office. The unmarked suburban in
front of us belongs to the Sheriff. Christine
looks at me in amazement after she finds it
has not been towed away. (We were told to park
Max and Mom at her job of almost 30 years working for the public in the criminal justice system at the Courthouse in Chicago CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Letter of Recomendation for Max and Christine CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Since I am from Chicago, we took some time
to visit relatives and old friends. During the
above referenced case we were at the courthouse
interviewing the State Prosecutor.
My Mother "Rose" also works at the
Courthouse in Chicago. She is an assistant to a
Judge, or in legal speak a JA. The above photo
is of Max visiting Mom at work.  
Max with a very Special Agent Ivan G Harris of the Elite Organized Crime Strike Force at FBI Chicago CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Letter of recomendation from FBI Special Agent Paul Russell Fugitive Task Force Miami Field Office CLICK TO SEE IMAGE FULL SIZE Rus
A true friend of more than 20 years. And a very
big guy. Supervisory Special Agent Ivan G.
Harris (Identity Protected) of the Organized
Crime Strike Force at FBI Chicago. Ivan is 6'7"
tall, my advise to "Bad Guys"... When he
yells "FBI Freeze", DO IT!  
Letter of Recomendation from FBI Special Agent David R. Grazer from the Auto Theft Task Force at Miami FBI Field Office CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
During the worst time in my life this man was there for me and still here today and I will never forget it Max Caulfield 2004
Letter of Recomendation from Former FBI Special Agent and Broward County Prosecutor Steve Rossi Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Christine Caulfield Private Detective and FBI Special Agent Ivan G Harris CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Note from King County Prosecutor Jim Marner after Max testified against his own client for Arson and other crimes This Subject Made Threats To Max and the JUDGE at his trial CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
All these two need is a couple of
pitch forks,
and you would have a Norman
Rockwell, or is that Green Acres?
Many Thanks to Detective Dave Barnard of the King County Police Dept on this one CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
FBI Special Agent Ivan G Harris and Max s Mother Rose at Chicago FBI STRIKE FORCE OFFICE CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Many Thanks to Shari for such a nice letter She was and still is the victim in one of the worst stalking cases we have ever worked CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Mom and "The G-MAN"
FBI Agent Harris shows Rose around the Organized Crime Units new office CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Ivan showing us around the new Strike Force
offices. Christine can be seen holding her
"Fancy new FBI Chicago cap" and marveling
at the x-ray machine used to screen incoming
mail and packages.
Letter of Recomendation from Plantation Police Dept The Credit should go to Det L Massey of Plantation PD and Det S Freidman of FLPD CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
Some women want a new oven.
This one wants
a"Caulfield Investigations
X-RAY machine".
Christine on my Mothers balcony at her
apartment in the Chicago "Loop" (or
downtown). To those of you familiar to
you will notice one of the twin towers of
City on the right. Christine is wearing one of
her favorite T-shirts. It was a gift from the
former Sheriff of Broward County. Sheriff
Nick Navarro (Ret.). Nick is a friend and
probably the best Sheriff Broward County
ever had. And if it were not for him the T.V.
COPS would never have happened. The shirt
says COPS
Fort Lauderdale and was worn by
members of the film crew when they filmed
first episodes of the show in Broward County
and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, many years ago.
Christine Caulfield P I working undercover as a Model in Honolulu Hawaii
Private Investigator Christine Caulfield on the job in Honolulu Hawaii Diamond Head in background
These two photos are of Christine
a stalker case in Honolulu, Hawaii.
She is posing as a local model. Our
client was a modeling agency in
Honolulu. Several models reported
that one of the photographers could
not take NO for an answer. Needless
to say, he
no longer takes pictures of attractive
for a living. But I understand that the
system in the state of Hawaii, has a
very good
vocational training program!
In the above three photos Max & Christine
be seen on the set of a television commercial.
We were asked to do this as a public service
announcement. You see, it seems that
lawfully armed citizens in our state, who are
forced to use a firearm in self-defense or in
the defense
of others, don't know how to behave in the
immediate aftermath of a justifiable critical
incident. They have a tendency to still have a
weapon in their hand when responding police
arrive. And in some cases, turn toward the
officer with gun still in hand. Pointing a
weapon at a law enforcement officer even
inadvertently, can be tragic for the citizen and
heartbreaking for the officer. SO Don't Do it.
I don't know why we were asked to participate.
But after hearing about the problem we were
happy to oblige. Since a friend of ours
produced the spot for T.V., my suspicion is "he
just wanted to see me get shot by the police!"  
These two photos are from a trip
to California
to work on the Robert M. Suggs
homicide case,
chronicled in the book "Once
upon a time in
Hollywood". Since Christine is
from L.A.We
brought my son and daughter
along to visit with
relatives. At left is Christine
impressing my son with the star
on "Hollywood's walk of Fame"
belonging to Mickey Mouse. At
right is Max impressing the
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
with how fast his brand new GMC
Typhoon is. Christine can be seen
"glaring" at Max as he snapped
this photo.
Christine and Christopher on the Hollywood Walk of Fame CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
CHP officer welcomes Max and Christine to Southern California Photo by Max Caulfield P I CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE
Kickin Back with Your Florida Panthers
Christine Caulfield Chargers VS Forty Niners SuperBowl
Christine Caulfield P I at the SuperBowl
On a more personal note; every once
in a while we do get to have a little
fun. In 1995 we were fortunate to
attend the Super Bowl in Miami. San
Francisco Forty Niners vs. San Diego
Chargers (the tickets coming from a
grateful client). The two photos on the
left are of Christine just before
The two photos above right are at the
office depot stadium in Sunrise,
Florida. Our one true passion is
HOCKEY! Our Canadian friends
refer to us as
"rabid hockey fans". We are fortunate
to have very good seats
and try to go as often as we can.
Max Caulfield P I at the Chicago Blackhawks VS Florida Panthers game
Christine shows off an HK SP89 and Styer Aug Police Model CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE
Max Caulfield P I in Hawaii Click to Enlarge
Since I have been speaking of the Suggs investigation,
and the book "Once upon a time in Hollywood"
it's a good time to show the photo on the left.
In the book, the author mentions that Christine
"posed in skimpy bikini's, with machine guns in
mercenary magazines". Not true, as you can see
(photo on right is the actual photo in question) the ad
is for a gun dealer (a friend) from a main stream video
magazine. The guns are semi-auto, civilian issue and
the clothing is clearly not a "skimpy bikini". Since
this always bothered Christine, I thought I would
clear it up here. After all this is our website, right?  
Below are just a few of the more then 500
photos of then President Bill Clinton and First
Lady Hillary Clinton (now Senator Clinton)
we shot in Hawaii. The photos were taken over
a three day period, in and around Honolulu,
Hawaii. The Clinton's visited Hawaii in July of
1993. The first photo below is of Christine and
Official White House Photographer Sharon
Farmer. These images have never been
published and are being shown for the first
time on our website. All of the images on this
page of President Clinton and Hillary Clinton
are the sole property of Max & Christine
Caulfield and
MAY NOT be copied, or
reproduced without the express written
permission of Max & Christine Caulfield.
President Clinton and Secret Service Agents after playing golf at the Kahala Hilton Photo by Christine Caulfield P I
Christine Caulfield Private Investigator and Sharon Farmer Official White House Photographer by Max Caulfield P I CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE
President Clinton arrives at the Hilton in Honolulu Photo by Max Caulfield P I
Bill Clinton the President and Secret Service work the crowd by Christine Caulfield Private Investigator
The President of the United States by Maxwell Caulfield Private Investigator
Bill Clinton President of the United States greets crowd in the lobby of Kahala Hilton Photo by Christine Caulfield Private Investigator
President Bill Clinton and Secret Service Agents leaving the Kahala Hilton to play golf Photo by Maxwell Caulfield Private Investigator
President William Jefferson Clinton leaving Hawaii by Christine Caulfield
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