The Most Effective Survival Knife Options – Ka-Bar Becker BK9

The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is on the leading of my shortlist for one of the best survival knife selections inside the huge knife category. The Becker BK9 is so perfectly reviewed all over the online market place that you will be hard pressed to discover just about anything detrimental concerning this blade. The heft, construction, and rate allow it to be one of the most effective survival knife choices for the cash read more

Here’s the Stats:

Overall Duration: fourteen.75″
Blade Length: 9″
Body weight: one.05 lbs
Selling price: $68 – $75

Why Decide on a large Survival Knife?

Some individuals like carrying a large survival knife plus some persons do not. It is purely personalized desire. I for a single would prefer to be stuck in the wilderness having a huge survival knife and also have to hold the additional weight of it, than have a knife that’s quick to carry on the other hand can’t manage the heavy-duty slicing chores much like the BK9 can.

This knife is phenomenal for big chopping and chopping chores. The 1060 Carbon Steel blade retains a strong edge which is easy to sharpen. When i have this knife with me tenting I hardly ever really have to convey a hatchet with me due to the fact the BK9 does equally as good or much better than any subject hatchet which i have break up with. Possessing a big knife such as this basically lets you to definitely carry much less gear and thus considerably less excess weight.